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A furnace for heating your home, an air conditioner to stay cool, and a proper ventilation system to optimize your home’s indoor air quality. Your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system are critical to your family’s comfort and health. Talk to one of our experts today to ensure your house is comfortable no matter the season.

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Your family’s comfort relies on your heating and cooling system to be dependable, reliable, and steadfast. Trust our heating and cooling experts with your air conditioning and furnace installations.

Heating and cooling products from trusted brands

Whether it’s a furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump that you need, our heating and cooling experts are trusted leaders in the industry. This is important when considering something as essential as your home’s climate control system. Your heating and cooling system plays an important role in your family's comfort and safety. If you’ve ever had your furnace or heat pump breakdown in the winter or had your air conditioner stop working in the middle of a heat wave, you know how fundamental a functioning HVAC system is to your comfort, well-being, and safety. Our heating and cooling systems are industry-leading, trusted, reliable, and long-lasting. Your family’s comfort relies on it and as a Sam’s Club Member, we’ll introduce you to a local technician who can:

  • Remove and connect a new air conditioner, air handler, or ductless AC/heater
  • Replace and install a new furnace or heat pump

Emergency installations and replacements

If your air conditioner or heating system suddenly breaks, our heating and cooling experts can help you get back up and running quickly. When you need a replacement right away, our technicians are only a phone call away.

Air conditioners for Sam’s Club Members

There’s nothing like scorching heat to remind you of the importance of a properly installed air conditioner that keeps your family cool. As a Sam’s Club Member, our cooling technicians will help you decide on the right air conditioner for your home. The age and size of your home, the height of your ceilings, existing ductwork (or lack of it), as well as your home’s insulation are all key components to consider when selecting a cooling system. In addition to helping you select the air conditioner that’s appropriate for your home, our expert cooling technicians will also help you select an air conditioner that fits your lifestyle and budget too. Whether it’s a central air conditioning unit that’s needed or ductless air conditioner, our technicians will go over the various models available and detail:

  • The air conditioner’s cooling capacity, features, and benefits
  • The cooling system’s sound level in decibels and how it compares to other units
  • The air conditioner’s SEER number - SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and usually ranges from 13 to 22 (the higher the ratio, the more efficient the unit is)
  • Whether the unit has earned the ENERGY STAR label and the savings this could bring
  • Pricing options 

Heating Services for Sam’s Club Members

Depending on where you live in the country, your heating system may play a very important role in ensuring your family’s safety when it’s cold outside. Our heating technicians can outfit your home quickly and efficiently with a heat pump or furnace that’s dependable and durable, and will heat your home when you need it most. As a Sam’s Club Member, our heating specialists will go over everything you need to know about the various heating systems available in the market today, including:

  • Electric heat pumps (which cool your home in the summer too)
  • Gas furnaces

Heat pumps for Sam’s Club Members

In parts of the country where winter weather is mild, a heat pump is often a sufficient method of heating. It also has an added benefit of being an alternative to an air conditioner in the warmer months too. Heat pumps run off of electricity and can also accommodate homes without ducts, as indoor versions are also available. Book a free consultation with one of our heating experts to see if a heat pump is right for your needs. They will also go over the various models available and detail the:

  • Heating and cooling capacity as well as each unit’s features and benefits
  • Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF), which is a measure of the efficiency of a particular heat pump (the higher the number, the more energy efficient the heat pump)
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), which is a measure of the cooling efficiency of an appliance (the higher the ratio, the more efficient the unit)

Gas furnaces for Sam’s Club Members

There’s nothing better than walking into a cozy, warm home after being outside in the cold. A furnace can heat up a home quickly and the most common type of furnace is a natural gas furnace. Speak with one of our home heating experts to find the furnace that will keep you and your family cozy no matter what winter throws your way. Our technicians will run through the various models available that meet the unique needs of your home. They will also speak to each model’s:

  • Heating capacity as well as its features and benefits
  • Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), which allows shoppers to compare the heating efficiency across various models (the higher the AFUE percentage of a furnace, the more efficient the unit is)
  • ENERGY STAR label, or lack thereof, and how this could help save you money on heating bills
  • Pricing options


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Your home’s heating and cooling system is critical to your family’s comfort, health, and safety. Our technicians are experts at what they do and have the skills, training, experience, and know-how to quickly get your household back up and running when it’s time to replace any of the appliances that make your home a comfortable place to be.


    10% Discount for Sam's Club Members.* Discount based off Fair Market Value Estimate*.


    Our licensed contractors are trusted members of the home improvement community, ready to provide you with exceptional service.


    We provide free, no obligation consultations to make sure that you're getting the service you deserve.

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